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Hosting and promoting concerts by nationally-known Southern Gospel artists in the Heartland of Iowa is what we love to do. Reaching the non-Christian community with God's salvation plan is our passion. We are an interdenominational effort to win souls for Christ and to be a spiritual blessing to Christians, all for the glory of God.


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Iowa Southern Gospel
Iowa Southern Gospel

Music Concerts Hosted by Tom and Cindy Drost

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Keepers of the Faith

Sunday, Oct. 5, 2014- 2:00 p.m.

Pella Christian High School Vermeer Auditorium

300 Eagle Lane, Pella, Iowa


This will be a FREEWILL OFFERING, general admission concert

The "Keepers of the Faith" are three Samoan brothers [Ace, Lima, & Levi Taito] and their Samoan cousin, Edward Alafoni, all originally from Hawaii, now residing in Payallup, Washington.  They were once gang members, some ending up in prison for the crimes they committed.  Their story, and how the Lord changed their lives, is phenomenal.  Now these men are singing the great hymns of the church and songs written by Bill & Gloria Gaither, in harmonies that will thrill you.  When "The Drosts" hosted this group last year, Gary Van Ry sang bass with them.  Gary no longer travels with the group as his family needs him at home.  Edward Alafoni was the bass member of the group before Gary, and has again joined the group.

"The Drosts" hosted the "Keepers of the Faith" in concert last Sept. 3, 2013, a Tuesday evening, in their church, Oskaloosa First Christian Disciples of Christ.  It was a concert which "The Drosts" agreed to do, with only a four week notice.  The "Keepers of the Faith" had a routing change on their way to the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, Kentucky, and asked "The Drosts" to host them.  A total of 413 people  packed into the church on this Tuesday evening, some traveling as far as six hours to attend this concert.  From the response of the crowd on this evening, Tom & Cindy knew that the venue for their 2014 concert needed to be larger.  Therefore, they decided to host the Oct. 5, 2014, concert at the Pella Christian High School Vermeer Auditorium.  "The Drosts" are covering all expenses for this concert so that the entire "free-will-offering" will be going to "The Keepers of the Faith Ministries."
Tom & Cindy want EVERYONE to have the opportunity to hear the awesome testimony of The Keepers of the Faith.  They encourage you to pray for your family members who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Invite them to come with you to this concert and pray that they will accept your invitation.

Keepers of the Faith

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